Long distance best friendship requires constant communication
  1. On cats
    "Getting a cat is kindof like getting a mail order bride. No matter how much you love them, they're just there for the food and housing."
  2. On live music
    "I like listening to live music because I feel like people are clapping and cheering for me every four to five minutes"
  3. On binary
  4. On driving
    "I think I could learn how to drive one day as long as I never have to go on the highway." Yes she doesn't know how to drive.
  5. On someone with boner a personality
    "Does that mean that if you're with them for more than 4 hours you should call a doctor?"
  6. On global warming
    "I still don't buy this whole 'global warming' thing, but 73 in November is pretty warm." ***THIS IS A JOKE***
  7. On dogs
    "I know I want something medium/big/huge. I would accidentally step on a small one and that would be that. If I wanted something small I would get a cat."