When I start typing buzzfeed into my browser "buzzfeed.com/quizzes" comes up before "buzzfeed.com"
  1. Pick a New Year's Cat To Find Out What 2016 Holds For You
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    I'm cool with this
  2. We can predict your future based on what you've never heard of before
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  3. Can you guess the Mariah Cary music video by its YouTube comment?
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    Tbh I did better than I thought I would
  4. Which '00s Disney channel mean girl are you?
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    I could get behind this. The only problem is my sisters are incredibly nice.
  5. Will you get a free car from Oprah or a free tub of Vaseline from Tyra?
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    L O L
  6. The hardest 2015 football quiz you'll take this year
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    Literally in the 2nd percentile of this quiz.
  7. Were you more Harry Styles or Justin Bieber in 2015?
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    No wrong answer here tbh
  8. Which Tom Hiddleston character are you based in your zodiac sign?
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    My sister was obsessed with this movie when it came out
  9. We know who your first love will be in 2016
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    Too true. Too perfect. Too happy about this.
  10. Which starbucks frappuccino should you try based on your zodiac sign?
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    I need caffeine
  11. Which makeup brand should yu use based on your zodiac sign?
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    Tbh I'm really bad at makeup