Partly a way to take notes for @sarahgorman's bracket
  1. Oh Ben, you're so cute
  2. Wait, he's from small town Indiana, I'm from small town Indiana, he went to IU, I go to IU
  4. Dude you are the definition of lovable
  5. This is quickly devolving into a list about why Ben and I would be perfect together. Ok Nina, get back on track.
  6. Alright. Time to meet some women.
  7. Lauren: flight attendant, from Portland, likes beaches
    Brought him a pair of pilot wings, pretty unoriginal imho
  8. Caila: software sales rep, lives in Boston, painting in montage???
    Jumped into his arms, "best first impression ever"
  9. Jennifer: small business owner, no clue
  10. Jamie: Canadian, knows Kaitlin, almost made a penis joke?
  11. Sam: graduated from law school, her dad died from ALS :(((((
    Just passed the bar! Made a really bad law joke
  12. Jubilee: Guns!!!!!!! Went to Afghanistan, pretty badass, fighting that stigma of women in the military, won't win because racism
    Daaaaaaaamn gurl. Mediocre pick up line, but she seems like a boss
  13. Amanda, Orange County, esthetician, mother of 2, adorable kids
    Pretty generic intro tbh
  14. Lace: real estate agent
    Kissed him?¿¿????¿
  15. Stalked social media for 2 months? Don't tell him that?? Didn't say her name????
  16. Shushanna: started speaking in another language.
    Bold choice but I like it.
  17. Leah: event planner. Football.
    Literally wtf with that football. She's a ~~cool girl~~ loves sports and beer etc probably
  18. Joelle: unicorn, a little much
  19. Lauren H: kindergarten teacher, that's cute
    Caught the bouquet at a wedding last weekend.
  20. Laura: redhead, seems cool
  21. Mandi? Portland? Weird? Dentist? Stay away from my teeth? Who really flosses?
    Wearing a large flowery red headdress? "I am the first impression rose"
  22. Twins Haley and Emily are annoy af already. We're quirky!!! We finish each other's sentences!!! We can read each other's minds!!!
    Cannot stand them. Everything about them is horrible. Excited to date the same guy. Who are they. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy
  23. Ok. I think I like Laura. She seems like a badass. Also Lace is a bitch but I'm cool with it at this point
  24. Maegan is approaching with a mini horse
    Whhhhyyyyyyyy is the horse there
  25. Breanne: nutritional therapist. Hates gluten. I love gluten. Why is she abiding that gluten.
  26. Izzy wore a onesie
  27. Rachel is unemployed and riding a hoverboard
    Yeah she needs to spend her money more responsibly
  28. Jessica. Very hopeful music is playing, the producers definitely like her
  29. Tiara: chicken enthusiast, Sheila is her fav chicken, she has framed pictures of her chickens and Ben's, makes bad puns, probably a serial killer
  30. Lauren "LB" in the bright pink dress
  31. Jackie: well she really went for it
    Brought a save the date for their future wedding. It has a hashtag.
  32. Olivia: news anchor, one dimple, sparkly dress
  33. I'm so overwhelmed.
  34. Awwwwww he's calling his parents. This is too cute.
  35. Good luck Ben, we're all rooting for you.
  36. Ok. Can't keep this up for the entire episode.
  37. 🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖