1. Ravenclaw!
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  2. Hufflepuff!
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    Homemade jam my cousin from Vermont made. All proceed go to Bernie's campaign.
  3. Slytherin!
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  4. Ravenclaw!
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  5. Gryffindor!
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  6. Hufflepuff!
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  7. Slytherin!
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    I made a rhubarb pie and forgot to put sugar in 😭😭😭😭😭
  8. Hufflepuff!
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    Facebook tries to tag my little sister as my mom every. Single. Time.
  9. Gryffindor!
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  10. Ravenclaw!
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  11. Slytherin!
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  12. Hufflepuff!
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    My roommate dressed as a cactus for Halloween
  13. Gryffindor!
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