Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Not that close to dying, but by far the most serious injury I've ever had
  2. So I'm 15, I'm at this camp for school
  3. We're doing a scavenger hunt (I'm ridiculously competitive)
  4. My team is racing another team to the next station, and we have to run down this sidewalk on a hill
  5. I take off...
  6. thing I know I'm sitting in the shelter and the nurse is splinting my arm
    I think I blacked out from the shock?? Luckily no head injuries.
  7. I fell, rolled down, broke my left wrist and my right elbow.
  8. That's right.
  9. I broke both of my arms.
  10. At. The same. Time.
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  11. Then @rcwornhoff literally did everything for me for the next week or so. She's the best.
  12. For the record, my team won 🏆