Anger looks like...

I find myself in anger almost all the time and my boyfriend has a rough time sometimes trying to figure out why. Hopefully this will help him identify better with the different levels of anger and thought processes.
  1. "Why did you"
    usually used on small children and people
  2. "Yupp..ok"
    used when people take you for granted
  3. "pre full blown frustration"
    usually after tolerating bullshit for awhile before blowing up
  4. "pulls hair"
    this is when your voice starts to rise and you're talking really loudly cause you're so angry your heart thumping in your chest is DEAFENING
    when peoples' stupidity mystifies you and is incomprehensible. WAIIIII
  6. "The silence"
    Do not talk to them at all at this point, nothing you say will make any sense.