Communication is such a diverse tool that can be used in different forms. Your body can be a language used in communicating feeling. Your words the tool to communicate information. Tone in the delivery of that message which speaks volume of your current emotion. This is a broken down version of the thought behind intentional communication.
  1. Factual Information - details and actual words that are coming out of ones mouth like...
    Take this for example, the factual information here is that no one wants to date boy with big mouth complaining no one wants to date him. And he gets that. But he thinks they're wrong about not wanting to date him and he hates them.
  2. Unspoken Information - This is easier explained with a gif. So here we go... case study 2.0
    OH SNAP! Out right rejection. Classic example of an unspoken NO.
  3. Sometimes though... case study 2.1
    She's smiling, but wagging her finger at you. This can be confusing sometimes, cause it looks like she might be teasing you. And hey, if you've got the ego the size of Mars, sure... but if not. I'm pretty sure she's saying 'no buddy, don't even try. you ain't getting any of this hot mama'
  4. Lastly, intention behind the information. The BIG life question... why are you telling me this? case in point...
    Why would someone say this to you? Do you want me to respond in empathy and go 'oh no honey, everything is alright' maybe your intention was for me to soothe your aching heart. Or maybe, there is no intention but one to express your emotions. But then what if you just wanted me to agree with you that, EVERYTHING SUCKS!
  5. Regardless. I conclude with,
    Giphy downsized medium
    sometimes people say things they don't mean, and other times they do. But when we can recognize we're all different and perceive information differently, we are able to adjust the way we communicate. And trust me, when we become adaptable and are able to perceive and communicate differently, our antennas become synced and the world becomes a better place. Because you'll get it and I get it and we'll all get it.
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