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I saw this posted on a friend's wall in Facebook and I thought it's better to make my entry here.
  1. 1.
    River Raid (Atari)
    this is the first video game I played on TV
  2. 2.
    Popeye (Game & Watch)
    the first handheld game I enjoyed playing and that I felt challenged by
  3. 3.
    Donkey Kong (Game & Watch)
    the first time my mind was blown ("a double screen game & watch!!! “)
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an ongoing list of bookish frustrations and other such "bullpoopies"
  1. Going through the year's list of nominees in a book awards and realizing you have so MUCH MORE to read.
  2. Hitting the "BUY" button on an e-book or audiobook deal only to be informed that the item "is currently not available in your country".
I'd like to think of my computer tablet as my all-around handy have-it-all companion, whether driving, malling, or lounging around.
  1. Reading Apps
    Kindle for the books, Comixology for the graphic books, Buqo for the magazines, Merriam-Webster for the dictionary, and ComicFlow for the CBR/CBZ files from Humble Bundle purchases
  2. Audiobook Apps
    I have both Audible (they have good deals on good audiobooks from time to time) and libro.fm (cheaper audiobook prices if you don't want to sign up for a monthly subscription plus they help independent bookstores)
  3. Music Apps
    Spotify is my "weapon" of choice (and they do stream audiobooks, too). Need to have Shazam, too, to identify good songs heard on the radio (which would be added to a Spotify playlist later on).
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Much has been written and said about physical books and e-books. Here is my take on them.
  1. Portability
    With e-readers, you have your whole library (in my case, library would mean books, audio books, magazines, and comic books) with you all the time wherever you go so you get to dive in "whenever and wherever into whatever".
  2. The Joy and Peace of "Book Keeping"
    By "book keeping", I refer to the practice (art) of organizing your collection however way you want at the moment (by color, by genre, alphabetically by title or by author; for comic books: by hero, chronologically, by event). It also means the practice (art) of covering them with transparent plastic (nothing less than gauge 4, please). This is something you would not get to do with e-books. Tedious, yes, but there is a calm and peace I get in doing them.
  3. Bedtime / Nighttime Reading
    With e-readers, you won't need to worry about accidentally creasing a page or (gasp!) a cover because you slept on it. You also won't need to buy a reading lamp. Either way, though, both books and e-readers guarantee reduce sleeping time and, in cases where you fall asleep, a hard object falling on your face.
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