I saw this posted on a friend's wall in Facebook and I thought it's better to make my entry here.
  1. River Raid (Atari)
    this is the first video game I played on TV
  2. Popeye (Game & Watch)
    the first handheld game I enjoyed playing and that I felt challenged by
  3. Donkey Kong (Game & Watch)
    the first time my mind was blown ("a double screen game & watch!!! “)
  4. Tetris (or, locally known as the "Brick Game")
  5. Lemmings (PC)
  6. Typing Tutor (PC)
    prepared me for an IT life full of command line interaction
  7. Contra (Nintendo Family Computer)
    up up down down left right 😉
  8. Super Mario Bros (Nintendo Family Computer)
  9. Super Mario World (Super NES)
  10. Dune (PC)
    the first real time strategy game I played
  11. Diablo (PC)
    the first RPG I played that made sleep unimportant for a while
  12. Injustice (iOS)