Overthinking is the truest evil.
  1. "A perk of living on campus is that you can hang with friends 25/8. Over the summer... not so much. I wish i had friends that lived nearby😭😭😭"
    A friend of mine tweeted this tonight. WE LIVE ON THE SAME BLOCK!!!!! Now I'm overthinking our entire friendship. Things felt awkward and rocky this year and Jesus fucking Christ I hate myself
  2. Online > IRL
    I think I enjoy the Internet a little too much. I've met a good handful of people on there. I'm more open with them than I am with my IRL friends and it feels wrong...? I've never had strong social skills and it feels like I'm using the Internet as a cop out instead of talking to people and making friends IRL. Is an online friend not a real friend though? I think they're real. Meeting people online has stigma and I hate it.
  3. Ron
    What the fuck are we?!
  4. summer suxx
    unwanted thoughts and bad feelings are abundant when i don't have agonizing school stress to keep me occupied and distracted
  5. Running
    I should, but very little motivation
  6. Class of 2017
    What am I gonna do after college?!
  7. Writing
    AHAHAHHAHAHAHA, you don't have any stories to tell!!!!!!
  8. Social media
    My friends don't use li.st anD IM SO RELIEVED
  9. Will I have sleep paralysis tonight?