Forms of communication that make me more nervous than they should. (Written while avoiding email.)
  1. Emailing
    I've never met this person before. Should I refer to them as Ms./Mr./Mrs.? Madam? Sir? First name basis? Do I open with hello? Hi? Exclamation points? Is my tone too strong? Will they think I'm mean?
  2. Phone calls
    You can't see my hand gestures. You can't see me nodding my head. Not ignoring you, I swear. 99% of my communication goes down in the form of non-verbal cues. I hear you. I'm nodding but you can't see. I understand. I'm not sweaty. Not clammy. My eyes aren't tearing in agony. I'm fine. I hear you. Do I text before I call?? How much longer will this last?!
  3. Texting
    To punctuate or not to punctuate? Capitalization? One long text? Several short texts...split up by subject? Emoticons? Emojis? Ugh, the speech bubble. Read receipts. Read, no reply. I'm obviously hated now. MUST I TEXT BEFORE CALLING?!
  4. FaceTime
    Nope. Not doing it.
  5. Letters
    My penmanship is so pretty! I love you, friend! I love you I love you I love you!! <333❤️❤️❤️<333 I have allllll the time to draft multiple copies of this brilliant, hilarious, witty letter. But I don't need to!! I feel soooo gooood and comfortable. Ugh, this is great. Pen and paper for ever! #granny You love me, friend. Can't wait to receive your letter!! (Don't call, text, FaceTime, FB message, Snapchat, NO!) Luuuuuv youuuuu 😘😘😘