It only took a year for Prada's skinny scarf to trickle down from the runway to the average style blogger. From Australia to Poland, bloggers paired their fashion scarves with blazers, while in Germany, Zina wore one like a choker, accentuating her neckline with a complimentary off-shoulder top. See more inspiration:
  1. Daria Darenia, shot in Poland for Style Love Blog, via Lookbook.
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  2. Tienlyn, shot in San Francisco for Thoughtful Misfit, via Lookbook.
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  3. Shot in Vienna for Bee's Wonderland, via Chictopia.
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  4. Jessie Barber, shot in Chicago for Mini Penny, via Lookbook.
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  5. Beatrice Gutu, shot in Dusseldorf for The Fashion Cuisine, via Lookbook.
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  6. Shot in Madrid for Be Sugar and Spice, via Lookbook.
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  7. Beatrice Gutu, shot in Dusseldorf for The Fashion Cuisine.
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  8. Diana Z Wang, shot in Boston for Z Hours.
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  9. Shannen Smith, shot in Scotland for Generation of Fashion, via Lookbook.
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  10. Ola Kowalska, shot in Warsaw for Ola Kowalska, via Lookbook.
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  11. Carmen Hamilton, shot in Australia for Chronicles of Her.
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  12. Zina Charkoplia, shot in Munich for Fashion Vibe.
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