After a brutal breakup, common advice is "Take a trip!" "Pretend you’re Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and go to Paris!" Who needs to "heal" with a reaffirming trip to a far-flung place when there are delightful places to spend many hours getting over heartbreak and wallowing in feels? Here are some great options. More here:
  1. The American Girl Doll Store: Inanimate friends will never get sick of discussing your torment in endless detail. Their glassy eyes mirror how you feel on the inside — dead.
  2. IHOP: Pancakes are like pillows for the stomach; syrup, a warm hug for the soul.
  3. Medieval Times: It’s natural to want to turn back time and relive a happier past. It only makes sense to time-travel to a place with turkey legs.
  4. The slot machines at the Vegas airport: Like a casino, but even sadder.
  5. The bathroom at the Barnes & Noble: The smell reminds you it can always get worse. If you're feeling bold, bring some magazines!
  6. The Container Store: Putting things in little boxes feels better than love.
  7. Hot Topic: Surround yourself with pleather pants as black as your broken heart. Bonus: There is always the kid behind the register who shares your “what’s the point?” worldview.
  8. The 24-hour Walmart: It’s like a heartbreak amusement park. Grab a bag of Cheetos from the grocery aisle, a boom box from electronics, and a sad-song compilation. "Camp out" in a tent in outdoor.
  9. The locker room at Your 24-Hour New York Sports Club: Crying in a public shower feels better than your own, sometimes.
  10. The car wash: Close your eyes, and it’s like you’ve escaped to the beach; open them, and it’s like your own personal rain cloud.