Drake is known for two things: embracing his gentler side ("I know that showin' emotion don't ever mean I'm a pussy") and wearing the hell out of some sweaters. Here, 15 cozy sweaters as soft as the chorus on "Marvin's Room." http://bit.ly/1GTkVI9
  1. "HYFR"
    Damn, is it fall? Time for you to slip on this cardi and revisit the past, there's women to call. $49.90 at Zara.
  2. "Marvin's Room"
    This sweater still thinks about the times you had. $59.90 at Uniqlo.
  3. "Days In The East"
    Even before you said, "You're mine," this sweater was yours. $88 at Madewell.
  4. "Crew Love"
    Smoking weed under star projectors while wearing this cozy turtleneck. $98 at J. Crew.
  5. "Mine"
    From eight until late this sweater thinks about you. $125 at COS.
  6. "From Time"
    Know you're going through some shit, but name a cashmere crewneck that isn't. $125 at Everlane.
  7. "In The Morning"
    I got bathwater you could soak in, things I could do with lotion, but you've got to take off this & Other Stories sweater first. $145 at & Other Stories.
  8. "Hold On, We're Going Home"
    This V-neck wants your hot love and emotion, endlessly. $185 at Aritzia.
  9. "From Time"
    Who you settling for? Who better for you than this sweater, huh? $295 at Net-a-Porter.
  10. "Best I Ever Had"
    You could have this sweater's heart, or you could share it like the last slice. $395 at Tibi.
  11. "Fear"
    Pop bottles and bottle your emotions while burrowing into this turtleneck. $430 at Steven Alan.
  12. "Connect"
    How beautiful you and this sweater's kids would be; girl, it doesn't need convincing. $450 at Net-a-Porter
  13. "Own It"
    Next time you and this sweater talk it doesn't wanna just talk, it wants to trust. $475 at Steven Alan.
  14. "Hotline Bling"
    This Burberry Brit sweater used to call you on your cell phone late at night when it needed your love. $595 at Net-a-Porter.
  15. "A Night Off"
    This pullover never said it'd be fair, but when you're all alone, it hopes you truly know how bad it wants to be there. $595 at Shopbop.