Now that we've entered the first day in what Disney estimates is a 40-year reign for new Star Wars merchandise, what cool bits of plastic have our corporate overlords, in their boundless munificence, provided for us? Here's a guide:
  1. Miniature BB-8 ($149.99)
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    This is the crown jewel of the Force Awakens toys, the thing that the people have clamored for ever since the adorable soccer-droid made its debut, and thanks to Disney's partnership with Sphero, you've finally got a vessel in which to pour all your love and affection.
  2. Finn's Pilot Jacket ($49.99)
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    Were you, too, obsessing over John Boyega's jacket in the Force Awakens trailer? Now you — or, more realistically, your child — can get the look, straight from Jakku's hottest (literally, it's a desert planet) boutiques.
  3. Furbacca ($79.99)
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    This is exactly what it sounds like, and you have every reason to be scared.
  4. "Battle Action" Millennium Falcon ($119.99)
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    If you're the type of person who wants to buy a $100 Millennium Falcon toy, you probably already have one. But do you have one that shoots darts?
  5. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber ($29.99)
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    Everyone made fun of this lightsaber when it showed up in the Force Awakens teaser. But will they make fun of you when you bring it into work? (Probably.)
  6. Captain Phasma Suit ($59.99)
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    This is made for children, so it might be a little bit tight on you, which is probably the only time you'll be able to say that about something intended to be worn by Gwendoline Christie.
  7. First Order Special Forces LEGO TIE Fighter ($69.99)
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    This thing is like the Rolls-Royce of LEGO aircraft. Macklemore's next single will definitely be about this.
  8. Black Series First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (With TIE Fighter Pilot) ($169.99)
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    I guess that makes this one the Ferrari.
  9. Poe Dameron's X-Wing Vehicle ($49.99)
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    Sure, this looks cool, but can it build affordable housing in Yonkers?
  10. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon ($149.99)
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    Too many pieces, probably, but maybe you can convince someone on Craigslist to build it for you.
  11. Star Wars Duck Tape ($7.99)
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    For when you like Star Wars but you also need some duct tape.