A bunch of animal couples at zoos around New York state became proud parents this year, providing local news outlets with plenty of adorable front-page fodder along the way. Behold, the definitive ranking of the baby animals who debuted at New York's zoos, ranked from aww that's cute to ridiculously adorable: http://nym.ag/1U5pVPW
  1. 8. The king penguin chick who hatched at the Central Park Zoo. (📷: NYDailyNews/Twitter)
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  2. 7. The baby baboon from the Bronx Zoo. (📷: Wildlife Conservation Society/YouTube)
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  3. 6. The Bronx Zoo's new baby gorillas. (📷: InsideEdition/Twitter)
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  4. 5. The baby elephant born in May at the Syracuse Zoo. (📷: Syracusedotcom/Twitter)
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  5. 4. "Monterey" and "Jack," the baby otters born at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. (📷: Syracusedotcom/Twitter)
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  6. 3. Zuri, the baby giraffe born at the Buffalo Zoo. (📷: News4Buffalo/Twitter)
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  7. 2. The Staten Island Zoo's baby lamb with panda markings, Earl. (📷: NYCParks/Twitter)
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  8. 1. The southern pudu fawn born this week at the Queens Zoo. (📷: Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society)
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