Check them out now while you can:
  1. Big Irv's, South Williamsburg, est. 2012: Nine artists, writers, and musicians live in this former bodega, supermarket, hardware store, and Pentecostal church. The living room doubles as an art gallery and performance space, hosting art exhibitions, film screenings, reading series, and monthly music and art showcases.
  2. City Reliquary, Williamsburg, est. 2002: A nonprofit micro-museum dedicated to preserving the city’s past through (seemingly) mundane objects: dentures found in Dead Horse Bay, a fire bucket from the Grand Paradise Ballroom, and an irradiated dime from the 1964 World's Fair, among many other items.
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  3. Morbid Anatomy Museum, Gowanus, est. 2014: Founder Joanna Ebenstein’s tastes have always run dark: As a child, her father would jar dead birds in formaldehyde for her room. The museum is stocked with other such oddities: phrenological death masks, antique medical devices, and a taxidermied kitten with four eyes, two faces, and two mouths.
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  4. Gowanus Ballroom, Gowanus, est. 2010: Every few months, Josh Young transforms his 16,000-square-foot crafting and design firm into a venue for performance spectacles and group art exhibitions.
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  5. The Living Gallery, Bushwick, est. 2012: The Living Gallery operates as a classroom, art gallery, performance venue, and community hub, hosting, among other things, exhibitions, drawing classes, dance performances, and art battles.