There's still time to fit in a getaway before the year ends. This is a selection from our full list of "52 Places to Go", which you can find here:
  1. Cuba
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    Cuba has long been the forbidden island. Now a trip is within reach.
  2. Kas, Turkey
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    Priced off the Greek Isles? Try southern Turkey. The old fishing village of Kas remains relatively untouched, and it's known as a divers' paradise.
  3. Île-de-France
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    Forget the arrondissements of Paris. Now, Île-de-France, the district that encompasses the city and its outskirts, has become a destination in its own right.
  4. Tanzania
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    Security fears in neighboring Kenya have inadvertently worked in Tanzania’s favor, as far as tourism goes. Its luxurious new lodges are enticing diverted visitors. But the real new treasure here is unprecedented access to sparsely trafficked regions.
  5. Squamish, Canada
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    Can a $22 million gondola put a Canadian mountain town on the world map? Maybe. But Squamish's unusual combination of West Coast wilderness and accessibility certainly help.
  6. Cleveland, Ohio
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    Cleveland's in the midst of a comeback fueled by art, culture and, of course, LeBron James.
  7. Danang, Vietnam
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    This coastal gateway has become a destination in its own right.
  8. Adelaide, Australia
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    Sure, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is close to both wine country and beaches. But there are more reasons to stay in the city.
  9. Macedonia
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    Known for its moody monasteries and sparkling Lake Ohrid, this former Yugoslav republic is making a play for adventure foodies, too.
  10. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
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    Taos Ski Valley already had rugged scenery and Old World Alpine charm. Now the resort is getting a much-needed shot in the arm.