We got advice from Dan Buettner, a longevity expert and the author of "The Blue Zones" solution. Adapted from http://nyti.ms/2bEZbN5
  1. ☕️ : Drink coffee.
    “It’s one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in the American diet.”
  2. 🙅🍹. 👍🍊🍎🍐: Skip the juicing. Eat the fruit or vegetable instead.
    “The glycemic index on that is as bad as Coke. For eight ounces, there’s 14 grams of sugar. People get suckered into thinking, ‘Oh, I’m drinking this juice.’”
  3. 🚫: You should also skip the protein shake.
    (It's hard to find an emoji for protein shakes.)
  4. 🚶🕐🕑🕒🕔🕕🚶: Go for long walks.
  5. 🍷❓ 🙆: It’s O.K. to drink red wine.
    “A glass of wine is better than a glass of water with a Mediterranean meal.”
  6. 🚶🏊🚴👏: High-impact exercise winds up doing as much harm as good.
    “You can’t be pounding your joints with marathons and pumping iron. You’ll never see me doing CrossFit.” Instead stick to activities like biking, yoga and, yes, walking.
  7. 🍳🍅🍆🌰: Cook mostly vegetarian meals.
    You want food that's heavy on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, 100 percent whole-grain bread, oatmeal and avocados.
  8. 🍖🍣⚠️: Eat meat and fish only sparingly.
    And hold the butter.
  9. 🐮🍼⛔️: Try to stay away from cow’s milk.
    Use soy milk instead.
  10. 🍞♨️: No need to avoid carbs if you add freshly baked loaves of bread to a meal.
    “A true sourdough bread will actually lower the glycemic load of a meal. But it has to be a real sourdough bread.
  11. 🍴➕👫👬👭👯: Eat in good company
    It’s not just about what you eat, but how you eat, and how much you and your friends enjoy a meal together: “The secret sauce is the right mix of friends.”