In "A Very Revealing Conversation" for T Magazine, the two women had a very frank conversation. You can read the whole thing here:
  1. Googling childbirth
    Rihanna: "I was searching the size of certain things, and how much they expand, and then what happens after. ..."
  2. What turns Rihanna on
    "I'm turned on by guys who are cultured. That’ll keep me intrigued."
  3. Instagram
    "My fans can sniff the BS from very far away. I cannot trick them."
  4. Race and her career
    "When I started to experience the difference — or even have my race be highlighted — it was mostly when I would do business deals."
  5. Rihanna's mom
    "She's always impressed when she sees me being a little sassy or sharp, when she sees me defending myself. It makes her feel safe, like she doesn't have to worry about me."