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  1. Sandra Bland
    A Texas grand jury declined to indict anyone in the death of Sandra Bland, who was found hanged in her jail cell after she was arrested during a routine traffic stop in July. http://nyti.ms/1PkbskX
  2. U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    A Taliban suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck a military convoy near Bagram Air Base on Monday, killing 6 American soldiers in one of the deadliest attacks against American forces this year. http://nyti.ms/1ZnaLdj
  3. Fewer gun limits, more gun deaths
    The gun homicide rate in Missouri was 16% higher in the 6 years since 2007, when the state repealed the requirement for comprehensive background checks and purchase permits, than it had been in the 6 years before. http://nyti.ms/1Oien8F
  4. China landslide
    Sunday’s “man-made” landslide of mud and construction debris in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, is symbolic of rapid construction in China. How it happened: http://nyti.ms/1m64gOe
  5. Martin Shkreli is fired, again
    Martin Shkreli, who was arrested last week on securities fraud charges and posted $5 million in bail, has been ousted from his second pharmaceutical company, KaloBios. http://nyti.ms/1U2j6j4