1. Obama’s immigration plans set back
    A federal court said on Monday that President Obama could not move forward with his plans to provide up to 5 million immigrants with work permits and protection from deportation. http://nyti.ms/1WPftgS
  2. Racial turmoil on campus
    The University of Missouri has announced plans to offer diversity training to all new students, and the governing board will appoint an officer to oversee diversity and equality at all 4 campuses. The changes come after months of student and faculty protests over racial issues led to the resignations of the president of the university and the chancellor of the flagship campus on Monday. http://nyti.ms/1GV5MMa
  3. Another Republican debate
    Eight Republican candidates hold a fourth debate, which will focus on the economy, in Milwaukee tonight (9 p.m. Eastern, Fox Business Network). The “undercard” debate begins at 7. http://nyti.ms/1Qg3yK6
  4. Show us the evidence, Kremlin says
    Russia today is denying allegations in a World Anti-Doping Agency report about systemic state-backed cheating, released on Monday. http://nyti.ms/1RLl72u
  5. What Britain wants
    Prime Minister David Cameron has outlined his objectives for overhauling the European Union. He wants to exclude Britain from the promise of an “ever closer union,” and to restrict welfare payments for European migrants. http://nyti.ms/1liLySE