A look at the news you need to know after Halloween weekend. Read more in our full morning briefing: http://nyti.ms/1MsZQG9
  1. The Royals are baseball’s kings
    Kansas City rallied to win Game 5 in extra innings, 7-2, earning their second World Series title and the first since 1985. http://nyti.ms/1GYj4Y4
  2. Russian airliner mystery
    Senior officials at Metrojet, the charter airline company whose plane crashed in Egypt over the weekend, killing all 224 people aboard, ruled out any technical failure or human error on the part of the airline in the catastrophe. The debris field suggests that the plane disintegrated in midair. http://nyti.ms/1k4Iz02
  3. The House speaker's agenda
    The new House speaker, Paul Ryan, says he will not work with the Obama administration on immigration reform, effectively pushing back the issue to 2017 or later. http://nyti.ms/1WtwywK
  4. Beware the fine print
    A Times investigation shows how corporations use complex contracts to deny Americans their day in court. http://nyti.ms/1PgpFhR
  5. Republican campaigns’ revolt
    In the wake of last week's debate on CNBC representatives of most of the GOP presidential campaigns came up with a list of demands on Sunday night for the hosts of future Republican debates on TV. http://nyti.ms/1LLTAfj