A look at the news you need to know on the day before Thanksgiving. Learn even more in our full morning briefing:
  1. Fallout over Russian jet
    The navigator of the warplane shot down along the Turkey-Syria border was rescued by Syrian and Russian special forces, Russia said today. Turkey and Russia, supporting different factions in the Syrian civil war, clashed with each other in Cold War overtones after the incident. http://nyti.ms/1PMcAyG
  2. Aftermath of Paris attacks
    Two men suspected of helping a suspect in the Paris attacks to flee face court hearings in Brussels, one today and the other on Friday. http://nyti.ms/1SjZTsK
  3. Protests in Chicago
    Demonstrators took to the streets in Chicago after dashboard camera footage was released showing a police officer shooting a black 17-year-old. The officer was charged with first-degree murder. http://nyti.ms/1IaoBLF
  4. Nativity scene newborn
    A newborn baby, hours old and full term, appeared within a nativity scene at a church in New York. The police are searching for a woman suspected of abandoning him. http://nyti.ms/1MRcZtQ
  5. Pope in Africa
    Pope Francis starts his first trip to Africa today, arriving in Nairobi, Kenya. He will also travel to Uganda and the Central African Republic. http://nyti.ms/1kTllu6