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  1. How equal rights got overturned
    A significant victory in Houston for social conservatives, invalidating a broad anti-discrimination law, was built on a campaign capitalizing on fears about men entering women’s restrooms. http://nyti.ms/1MBR3Sm
  2. The elder Bush breaks his silence
    Former President George Bush, in a biography to be published next week, has scathing things to say about Dick Cheney and Donald H. Rumsfeld, the central figures in his son’s administration. http://nyti.ms/1kwipTk
  3. "Because it's 2015."
    That’s the response Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new prime minister, gave when asked on Wednesday why it was important that half of the 30 ministers in his cabinet are women. http://nyti.ms/1MeJO3m
  4. The status of child migrants
    Not a single child has entered the U.S. through the Central American Minors program, created in December to allow children to apply for refugee status instead of relying on smugglers or resorting to a deadly trek across Mexico. http://nyti.ms/1PpNALY
  5. 2016 campaign update
    Donald Trump will begin airing radio ads today in the 3 earliest-voting states. It’s the first time he’s spent money on paid advertising since he began his bid. Sen. Marco Rubio, under scrutiny for his use years ago of a Republican Party credit card, says he will release more detailed records soon. And Bernie Sanders gave an in-depth interview to NPR in which he tried to distinguish himself from Hillary Clinton.