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  1. A big day for Republicans
    Tonight, the Republican presidential candidates face off in their third debate, with a focus on economic issues. But during the day, Republicans in the House hold a vote on whether to select Paul Ryan to succeed John Boehner as speaker. http://nyti.ms/1PQzu7P
  2. School attack now a federal case
    The Justice Department will investigate an attack at a high school in South Carolina, in which a white police officer is seen in a video pulling a black female student backward in her desk and dragging her. http://nyti.ms/1OYnMrC
  3. NASA craft near Saturn
    Where there is water, is there life? NASA’s Cassini spacecraft today dives through an icy spray erupting from the Saturn moon Enceladus, looking for evidence of both. http://nyti.ms/20a7PCf
  4. Life as an ISIS captive
    In their first interviews, dozens of Arab prisoners of the Islamic State militant group described their beatings and torture as well as daily life under exacting restrictions. http://nyti.ms/1WhI1EJ
  5. Kansas City grabs the lead.
    In the longest Game 1 in World Series history, the Kansas City Royals edged the Mets, 5-4. http://nyti.ms/1Rec7SZ