Week after week, the Frugal Traveler offers tips for how to navigate the world on a tight budget. You can find more of his advice, including city- or country-specific guides here: http://nyti.ms/1KkNMVX
  1. Get paid to park
    Take a baby step into the sharing economy by renting out your car while you’re away and get free airport parking to boot. Or rent someone else's car for less than most traditional companies, with FlightCar.com.
  2. Airbnb? Negotiate.
    Nothing on Airbnb says you can negotiate a better price — but nothing says you can’t, either.
  3. Stay on top of currencies
    Some countries are just more expensive than others (duh). But how cheap a country is can change from year to year, and it's worth researching.
  4. Google free activities
    Guidebooks are great, but it's tempting to just search online for what to do wherever you're headed. Every city of any size or cultural importance has at least a half-dozen great activities that cost nothing, not to mention free museum days and the like. So find them.
  5. Package it
    Click the "Packages" tab on those online travel agencies. It's not amatch for every trip, but booking a hotel and flight together is the single fastest way to save. But it’s important to compare the price to the best deal you can find elsewhere.
  6. Read the small print, just once
    Between now and your next trip, make a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and plow through the small print of your favorite credit card’s benefit package and your health insurance’s international coverage. You might find some benefits you didn't know you had.