Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Dogs

In need of some last-minute costume inspiration? New York Times staff photographer Nicole Bengiveno photographed the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade last weekend. These canines have you covered. You can follow @bengiville on Instagram to see more photos: https://instagram.com/bengiville
  1. Three-headed dog
    If you're a human, consider dressing as a three-headed human.
  2. Batdog
    Again, you might want to go for Bathuman. But Bogie had an excellent Batdog impression.
  3. Donald Trump
    Ruby, an Australian-Shepard mix, got political.
  4. Pope Francis
    Inspired by the Papal visit? Michelle Guillen and her shih tzu, Jojo, masqueraded as the Pope and a nun.
  5. Something monstrous
    We have to say: We're not afraid of this guy. Perhaps you can do better.
  6. King for a day
    It might be wise to leave the throne at home. But then again, you're the king! (Or queen.)
  7. The creepy and the crawly
    Witten, dressed as a tarantula, was living the pug's life.
  8. Liberace...
    Simon, a Pomeranian, was accompanied by a piano named Eric Launder.
  9. ...or his piano
    Make some music, like Harriet the Basset Hound.
  10. Pizza Rat
    Be warned: This pup was not the only Pizza Rat in attendance. If you want to be original, steer clear of this Internet meme.