Do not practice with your phone. (Adapted from:
  1. “Take off any jewelry or watches."
    So says Tony Gemignani, an eight-time winner of the world championship in pizza-­dough acrobatics.
  2. Cut your fingernails short.
    You want to avoid snags. This will help.
  3. Roll or stretch a softball-­size ball of dough into a 10-­inch circle.
    The dough should be between 11 and 14 ounces.
  4. Drape it over your hands, and bring them up to your chest like a boxer.
    Your dominant hand should be palm up, the other in an upward-­facing fist.
  5. Righty or lefty?
    If you’re right handed, you’ll be rotating the dough in a clockwise spin. If you're left handed, you'll go counterclockwise.
  6. Wind up for the toss.
    Wheel your palm in the opposite direction of your eventual throw.
  7. Unwind, simultaneously pushing up and rotating your palm until the back of your wrist faces you.
  8. Release the dough just above your head, and catch it again at your upper chest atop the knuckles of both fists.
  9. Repeat — but don't catch the dough right in the center, which can weaken the middle.
  10. Consider faux dough.
    If you want to practice regularly without the mess of flour, cut towels into two circles 14 to 16 inches in diameter, sew them together and then wet them with water.