Oscars Talking Points: Best Supporting Actress

Don't be left out of the conversation just because you haven't seen the movies. Each week, we'll tell you what to say about the nominees in a major category, so you have something to say when your movie-buff friends start chatting. (Full cheat sheet here: http://nyti.ms/1SIsCuy)
  1. Jennifer Jason Leigh, "The Hateful Eight"
    Considered very dangerous, she spends most of the film looking disheveled and handcuffed to a bounty hunter. And yes, she’s great in this role, but have you heard her amazing voice work in “Anomalisa”?
  2. Rooney Mara, "Carol"
    Her life goes in a new direction when she meets, and begins a relationship with, the suburban housewife Carol. A shame “Carol” was snubbed for best picture, but maybe they’ll make up for it by rewarding this performance.
  3. Rachel McAdams, "Spotlight"
    As the one woman on the Spotlight team of investigative journalists at The Boston Globe, her sharp investigative work is crucial. If there were an award for best khakis, she could bring it home.
  4. Alicia Vikander, "The Danish Girl"
    She's married to another artist who, over the course of their marriage and the film, transitions to life as a woman. The role is totally a lead performance, but whatever, Oscars.
  5. Kate Winslet, "Steve Jobs"
    She is Steve Jobs’s righthand woman, a role that won her a Golden Globe. If Kate doesn’t win, you can contact her at her new job, working anywhere she wants.