We made a list of "52 Places to Go in 2016." Here's a taste of it. And if you're hungry for more, here's the full list: http://nyti.ms/1naeblR
  1. Mexico City, Mexico
    Mexico's capital is attracting travelers seeking some of the world’s best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design.
  2. Ubud, Indonesia
    Filled with stone temples and surrounded by emerald rice paddies, Ubud has long attracted backpackers and burned-out careerists looking to recalibrate. But now its reinventing itself. (Photo: Andy Haslam for The New York Times)
  3. Rosine, Kentucky
    Make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of bluegrass, a tiny town with a population of 113. (Photo: Robert Rausch for The New York Times)
  4. Pyeongchang, South Korea
    Ski and snowboard in South Korea before the Olympians get there in 2018. (Photo: Corbis)
  5. Île de Ré, France
    Who needs the French Riviera? Head here instead. (Photo: Alex Cretey-Systermans for The New York Times)
  6. Tamil Nadu, India
    North India might be the country’s most popular tourist destination, but Tamil Nadu in the south has an equally rich and undiscovered history. (Photo: Poras Chaudhary for The New York Times)
  7. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
    Visit the park named after Teddy Roosevelt, and celebrate a century of celebrating America's magnificence. (Photo: Janie Osborne for The New York Times)
  8. Malta
    Malta is an affordable Mediterranean playground with a superb climate, sublime beaches, megalithic temples and a distinctive crossroads culture. (Photo: Andrea Wyner for The New York Times)
  9. Isla Holbox, Mexico
    In the Yucatán, an ecotourism gem emerges on a 26-mile-long sliver of mostly mangrove and beach. (Photo: John Burcham for The New York Times)
  10. Thessaloniki, Greece
    Greece’s second-largest city has become a capital of cheap eats. A few examples: http://nyti.ms/1PpLtnx (Photo: Andrea Wyner for The New York Times)
  11. Don't like any of these?
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    Well, good thing we've got 42 more. Here's our full list: http://nyti.ms/1naeblR