A guide to the drug's spread and impact. Read the full story here: http://nyti.ms/20iMg2z
  1. 39%
    The jump in heroin-related deaths from 2012 to 2013. The long-term trends are equally disturbing: from 2002 to 2013, the rate of heroin-related overdose deaths nearly quadrupled.
  2. $133 million
    The proposed amount in federal funds that will combat the epidemic.
  3. 75%
    Three out of four heroin addicts started out by using prescription drugs, according to a recent survey.
  4. 90%
    Prior to the 1980s, whites and nonwhites were equally represented among first-time heroin users. That has changed over time, but now, nearly 90% of the people who tried heroin for the first time in the past decade were white. And a growing number are middle-class or wealthy.
  5. 325
    The number of opioid-related deaths in New Hampshire last year
  6. 71
    The number of new cases of HIV reported in Indiana. As heroin use has soared, a raft of new HIV and hepatitis outbreaks has occurred.
  7. 50%
    The increase in Mexico's opium production last year, thanks in part to a "voracious American appetite for heroin"