After a 16-hour flight from NYC to Johannesburg, one of our writers shared a few of his secrets. We'd love to hear some of yours as well. You can read his full story at
  1. A smartly packed carry-on bag
    One flight attendant's recommendations: Your own water, a sweatshirt and socks, and a set of healthy snacks. Don't eat the free food just because it's free.
  2. A little yoga at 39,000 feet
    Walking and stretching will make you less miserable in general, and there is plenty you can do without even leaving your seat.
  3. Make time work for you.
    Plan ahead, and compartmentalize your time. Devote blocks of time to certain tasks, and the flight will feel shorter.
  4. Do some research
    When you're on a plane for 16 hours, it's worth comparing the amenities and legroom on different airlines. Take some time to Google.
  5. Wear socks! And if you're wearing shoes that don't require them, bring a pair in your carry-on to throw on. They will keep you warm (I personally feel like planes are always freezing) and make you feel more comfortable.
    Suggested by @annaidler
  6. Make sure your podcasts are downloaded
    I stream most podcasts, but if I'm preparing for a long flight I'll always make sure to download a few to my phone so I can enjoy them a mile high.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  7. Compression stockings!
    They minimize swelling and lower your risk for DVT, and are now readily available at places other than your grandmother's pharmacy. Trust me, they're cute, and your legs will feel great.
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  8. Make a list of things you're excited to do on the long flight that you normally would get distracted by in other spaces. Reframe it as a concentrated time for you, with someone to bring you the things you might need!
    Suggested by @maira
  9. Keep your sleep schedule regular
    On my 15 hour flights to India I have learned it is easier to go to sleep on time, even though you're on a plane, than to be jet lagged for two days. It keeps you well rested and you don't lose time that you could use for exploring when you arrive at your destination.
    Suggested by @anj
  10. Bring ear plugs and a face mask. Indispensable for long flights.
    Suggested by @MirandaJones