We interviewed Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Paul Feig about the response to the new "Ghostbusters." We're sharing some excerpts, but you can read the full interview here: http://nyti.ms/28MPSc1 (Photos by Brinson + Banks for The New York Times)
  1. Leslie Jones: "To me, the people who are crying about, “This is ruining my childhood,” this movie is not for them anyway."
    Kristen Wiig's take on those same people, by the way: "They need to probably go to therapy."
  2. Kristen Wiig: "How many litmus tests do we need? I’ve been hearing this for five years."
    In response to a question about whether Hollywood will view the new "Ghostbusters" as a litmus test
  3. Kate McKinnon: "It’s this ingrained sexism that’s just, 'That’s not going to work because we haven’t seen that before.' And now we’re seeing more and more of it, and it just is going to become commonplace."
  4. Melissa McCarthy: "There’s a weird replacement phenomenon, a fear that if you put two women in, two men come out. I don’t know why that viscerally affects certain people."