Where Would You Tell Someone to Go in 2016?

We chose "52 Places to Go In 2016." But we want to hear from you. Where would you send someone in 2016? (Full list here: http://nyti.ms/1OdaHWz)
  1. Viñales, Cuba
    The increasing accessibility of Cuba for American travelers goes well beyond Havana. Less than 3 hours’ drive west of the bustling capital is Viñales, a lush valley of deep-red earth and tobacco fields and mogotes, stunning limestone outcrops that are often shrouded by morning mist. Here's what to do when you go: http://nyti.ms/1RlomRu
  2. Pyeongchang, South Korea
    Ski or snowboard South Korea before the Olympians get there in 2018. Here's what to do when you go: http://nyti.ms/1kPh364
  3. Grand Rapids, Michigan
    The creative community in Grand Rapids is now flourishing thanks to a confluence of urban revival and arts funding. And you won't leave thirsty; over 40 brewerie sline the city's ale trail. Here's what to do when you go: http://nyti.ms/1ZPMH37
  4. Chobe, Botswana
    Not only can you get up close and personal with elephants, zebras, hippos and everything else in between, but you're close to the Botswana side of Victoria Falls, where you can literally dive headfirst into the falls. Attached to a bungee, of course.
    Suggested by   @madeline
  5. Valencia, Spain
    Is this city a dream? Possibly. You'll arrive to marble sidewalks, unbelievable paella, and Valencia orange trees every step of the way.
    Suggested by   @JennyJLee
  6. Antigua, Guatemala
    Tucked away in the mountains an hour west of the capital city, this UNESCO World Heritage site was once the capital of a Spanish colony. Now, it is a charming city known for its cobblestone roads, colorful houses, open air market, and delicious cuisine.
    Suggested by   @PatrickCleary
  7. Madison, Wisconsin
    In the summer! There are tons of outdoor activities to do on or between Madison's two main lakes, and the food and beer scene is fantastic. Catch the symphony at Concerts on the Square or some jazz on the UW Memorial Union Terrace and your trip will be complete :)
    Suggested by   @pocketpenguin
  8. Granada, Spain. They have beaches, snowy mountains, rich history, great food and fun nightlife all in one beautiful place.
    Suggested by   @Zeealist
  9. Split, Croatia
    Suggested by   @theemilyjean
  10. Florence, Italy
    Suggested by   @empassini
  11. Portland, Maine
    Suggested by   @Emily_Horgan
  12. Sabi Sands, South Africa
    Going on safari was the most amazing experience of my life and I can't wait to get back.
    Suggested by   @Hittman
  13. Roatan, Honduras
    Roatan is one of the Bay Islands found off the coast of Honduras. A beautiful Caribbean destination that's often overlooked. Great because still doesn't have an overwhelming commercial feel + amazing scuba diving and snorkeling with some of the best coral reefs in the world.
    Suggested by   @syd
  14. Chattanooga, TN: make a summertime visit to take in a baseball game, dine at some great restaurants, sip your way through a tour of the Chattanooga Whiskey distillery, paddle board along the river, and take a stroll across the bridge in the evening.
    Suggested by   @PopeCat
  15. Curacao! Its in the carribean, and I was born here! Very blue sea, friendly culture and yummy food. Very relaxing with plenty to do! Be warned: its always hot!! Pack only swimsuits🌞
    Suggested by   @kaylatje
  16. Woodstock, Vermont
    Suggested by   @finnly
  17. Parma, Italy -- Home of Prosciutto ham, Parmesan cheese, Barilla, and easily accessible by train between Milan (1 hour) and Bologna (45 mins) in the Po River Valley of Reggio Emilia, this area has such a deep history dating back beyond the Etruscans. The regional area is also the birthplace of Verdi, and Parma's opera house is a treasure.
    Suggested by   @Angelal22