Sometimes the best advice about law school comes from people who have already been there and done it. Here’s a round up of law school tips from the writers of the Life at NYU Law student blog:
  1. What is it like to be on the NYU Law Review?
    Jessica Wilkins ’16 gives a behind-the-scenes look:
  2. Should I join a study group?
    Shuyue Tan LLM ’15 on the pros and cons:
  3. What is the housing situation for law students?
    Alec Webley ’16 on life in the Law School dorms:
  4. What is Moot Court, and should I do it?
    Ben Mejia ’15 gives the details:
  5. What is the Law School experience like for older students?
    Ajani Husbands ’17 on his personal experience: