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Okay, I actually really dislike this city, but circumstances bring me here (#myotherisinastartup) so we make the best of it!
  1. The food.
    Amazing finds in the oddest looking strip malls!
  2. The street art
    So many beautiful works in so many styles. Hi, I'm the tourist ogling the graffiti.
  3. The LA River
    As an environmentalist, I "like" it in the most ironic way possible. It's so bad, I laugh every time I cross over it.
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Sometimes I get excited about crafts.
  1. Aviatrix quilt
    This is just the middle.
  2. Learning to knit.
    I made a hat about 1 inch wide before I "paused" because I was doing it wrong.
  3. Making a dress.
    Getting the right fit is flustering.
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