Since I've become somewhat known for my Disney posts, I figure I should start sharing some more of my Google knowledge as well.
  1. Oct 4th - 2 New Nexus Phones will be announced
    (Render of codename:Sailfish Pictured) Depending if you want a big or a normal sized phone.
  2. Aug 5th - Nougat will be rolled out to Current Nexus Devices
    Frank Ocean and Nougat?! It's my lucky day!
  3. New Launcher rolling out with new Nexus Devices.
  4. Google is letting LG be the first NEW phone to ship with Nougat
  5. 2 Android Wear Standalone (cellphone tether-free) for iPhoners and others.
    Image is a render of the potential look of the watches based on insider description. Potentially Nexus branded watches.
  6. Google is building a live support app with screen-sharing for Nexus Phones
    In case you ever need help with something Google will be going the extra Mile with their push to get Nexus Phones to become a leading competitor in the Android Market.
  7. I would highly recommend waiting out for a Nexus phone!
    Hope you all enjoy the info! This, IMO, is going to be the year of Nexus devices!