Badass Limited Edition Vinyl Records

As a new owner to a record player, I have found some amazing things (that I wish I could own myself) in my search for music. Here are some interesting and unique records that were released at some point in time.
  1. The Dust Brothers - Fight Club Soundtrack (Mondo Release)
    This packaging embodies the movie to a whole new level. First, you get an envelope with your mission: Destroy Something. And you realize to get to the record, you'll have to learn the packaging open via the middle. Included in the design is an Ikea knock-off booklet to remind you of Jack's pathetic apartment.
  2. Harry Manfredini - Friday the 13th Soundtrack (LE)
    Limited to 100 copies, the record was filled with fake blood and released through Waxwork Records. It brought down the side from all the hype, and although the rumor is they don't play too well, they're still pretty badass.
  3. James Corner - Aliens Soundtrack (Mondo)
    Like the Friday the 13th but filled with Alien Xenomorph blood. Only 75 copies were made. Was released for Alien day, sold online and at the Alamo Drafthouse.
  4. The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues
    If you know Jack White, he is always doing something unique with his vinyl releases. This one is no exception, although I think it wouldve been cool to do with the Inception soundtrack, but it's a 7-inch single album within a 12-inch LP album. The only way to get to the 7-inch is to peel the 12-inch apart. Limited to 300 made.
  5. Flaming Lips - Zaireeka
    Although this one isn't limited, I wanted to include it because of how experimental it is. Their music was released on 4 records that had to be played on 4 turntables at the same time. Such an interesting concept.
  6. Gibby Haynes - Paul's Not Home
    Butthole Surfer's frontman released a 3-song single printed on old medical x-rays. Limited to 100 copies on what was coined as flex-ray discs 😂 Also, Jack White is on guitar on the record and I'm sure had a large part in this strange format.
  7. Ghostbusters Soundtrack (30th Anniversary)
    A lot of artists have done the Glow-in-the-dark record thing, but I felt this record fit the theme best. This 10-inch record was released on Record Store Day in 2014 and limited to 2000. The other version for the anniversary is a white vinyl record with Stay Puft marshmallow scented packaging.