Celebrity moments that I experienced when I used to work rides at Disneyland.

First off, these are my opinions and do not reflect the opinions of The Walt Disney Company. Secondly, I am not discussing any negative moments as I don't know what might have been causing that, and I understand being a public figure at a theme park is tough in general.
  1. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
    Sincerely nicest guy waiting for his turn. Tweeted every ride that he rode, I heard he was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans after he got off each ride. He gave that giant smile that he always has; seemed exactly like the same person he is online. The selected picture was actually pulled from his tweet that he made when he got off my ride.
  2. Paul Walker
    Went up the regular line with a smaller group of friends. Blended in with everyone, gave my female coworker a big smile that she still talks about today. Although it was probably the tiniest interaction, I always find it cool when celebrities wait in the regular line.
  3. Sean Astin
    Known for being an avid Disney-goer. I didn't know initially how much of a Thunder Mtn fan he was. He rode the ride a handful of times and was asking us all sorts of questions on how the ride works and it's backstory. Our lead, Lauren, ended up talking to him for a half hour so that we could keep working. The best part was a yr later, a guest comes running up the exit screaming "Lauren! Lauren!" and all of us turn around to see who this buffoon is making noise. Sean. Lauren's life was complete.
  4. Lee Unkrich
    Tweeted around the time of Toy Story 3 was almost out that he was going and wanted to give TS3 gifts to fans that found him. I had DM'd him stating that I was working, and he said he couldn't do it for Disney cast, but he he offered to stop by my ride and say hi. I was actually on break when he initially asked for me, but he found me after I got off the ride. I appreciated that he went out of his way to say hi, and anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE Pixar fan, so that was a really cool mmnt.
  5. Hugh Jackman
    Super friendly, polite, thanked everyone that he encountered. Was clearly having a blast and chatted with a couple cast members. I know that doesn't seem like much, but you can tell how genuine it was.
  6. Tony Hawk
    Very laid back, and is exactly how he seems on TV. If I remember correct they were there for one of his son's birthday. I joked with him and his kid, i don't remember what, but his son was being shy so we were giving him a hard time. I remember that when he got off hr saw a kid that recognized him and was wearing a Birdhouse shirt (one of his companies), and he waited for the kid to get off the ride and signed the kids shirt for him.