Disney Parks Advanced Tips

After you have completed Disney parks at the surface level, you are ready for level 2. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that none of these are guaranteed, are at the discretion of the cast, and may no longer be allowed. Be polite, ask nicely, and don't get your hopes up.
  1. Hidden Mickeys
    This is probably the most well known. Google it for more details. All of its online, don't buy the books.
  2. Ride in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain or Liberty Bell.
    If staffing allows or someone else hasn't already been selected.
  3. Request a map of the Jungle Cruise ride after you get off.
    (May no longer be an option)
  4. Ride the Lilly Belle at Disneyland's Railroad.
    (Limited to if there are Cast Members available to accompany you, their discretion, as well as the LB being on the track)
  5. Watch the fireworks on the roof Wilderness Lodge.
    (Currently under construction)
  6. Ride in the nose of the Monorail at Disneyland.
    Not offered at Walt Disney World.
  7. Ride Tender on the DLR or WDW Railroad
    Request to ride behind the locomotive.
  8. Death Certificate at Haunted Mansion
    Possibly a Disneyland exclusive
  9. Wake up Jose at the Tiki Room
    Cast Members will on occasion ask Guests to wake up Jose, can't hurt to ask.
  10. Get Pixie Dusted at Castle Couture.
    Possibly a Disney World exclusive
  11. Drinking Around the World
    A popular unofficial challenge. Go to Epcot and get a drink from every country, see how long you last. Google for different versions: some are certain drinks, some are a certain order.
  12. PLEASE do not expect any of these to be a guarantee, these are just tips I've heard of over the years.