Favorite moments from my first NYC Trip

  1. One World Observatory
    A gorgeous view. It was extremely cloudy for our original time, and I'm glad that even though it was still overcast.
  2. World Trade Center Memorial
    Incredibly breathtaking. The size of the voids speak volumes of what stood there before and pays perfect tribute to all those lives who were lost.
  3. High Line
    1.5 mile linear park built on a disused NY railway. Absolutely beautiful, I could spend hours wandering the stretch back-n-forth.
  4. Our view from our Room
    Although we all basically hated our hotel room, the view was the only positive. This was the Empire State Building on 'Red Nose Day'.
  5. Museum of Modern Art
    Got to see lots of great artwork for no money. Only sacrifice was extremely busy crowds. Definitely worth it.
  6. Attaboy
    2nd speakeasy that night (and ever). It was a great experience. Non-alcoholic descript door, employees very in-character, gave us drinks based on tastes we like instead of having a menu.
  7. Please Don't Tell
    Our favorite speakeasy. Hotdog stand as a front, with a phonebooth that doubles as a secret entrance. Perfect atmosphere, great drinks and prices, great size.
  8. New Amsterdam Theatre
    Through some work friends we got a beautiful informal tour of the theatre. It has amazing rich history, beautiful architecture, got to see props and sets of the current Aladdin show, as well as famous props and costumes from past Disney shows, and the offices are very nice as well.
  9. Hotel Chantelle
    Long story short: Amazing view and amazing food. Pricey but worth the atmosphere. We had brunch on the top of a bridge overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge (I believe). Live music, great weather, perfect ambiance.