Services include:
  1. Carrying a Boombox
    For plsying entrance theme when entering a room. For Impromptu freestyle battles, serenading, etc.
  2. Repeating phrases for emphasis.
    Leading a meeting? Reiterate important points. Insulting someone? Get a 'Oooo', 'dammnnn', or 'oh SHIT!' reaction.
  3. Cheering for competitive situation.
    Staring contest? Rock Paper Scissors? Chugging contest? Don't worry, I will be the loudest.
  4. Laughing at every joke.
    Awkward silence? Not anymore. You're officially hilarious.
  5. Personal Coach
    Get in a fight? Gym time? Passionate love-making? I'll wipe your face with a towel, hand you a Gatorade, give some words of motivation, tips, etc.
  6. Pretend to restrain you
    Want to get hyped up before a fight? I'll semi-hold you back as you yell offensive epithets.