This post was inspired by a tweet which I have listed as the first bullet. I don't know who the original person who wrote it is or I would give credit.
  1. A101 Dalmatians attraction where you literally just sit in a room surrounded by 101 Dalmatian puppies.
    I mean who WOULDN'T want to wait for 3 for that?!
  2. A giant aquarium attraction filled with tons of fish and other ocean creatures and only a single clown fish, and it would be called: "Finding Nemo".
    It'll be harder than it sounds, plus with the sequel they can add a blue tang fish and people will come in schools.
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean scented candles.
    I can't be the only one that likes the smell?!
  4. Carpet (or doormat) with the pattern from Carpet in Aladdin.
    I just don't see why it hasn't been done already.
  5. Epcot(Spaceship Earth) shaped golf balls.
    Everyone already makes the connection, but you know everyone would buy those.