🌯My Dream Food Court 🍔

I'm including food trucks, fast food joints that would never do it, and made up stuff because this is my world.
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    Yeah, I'll say it: In-n-out is better than Shake Shack. This will be the first location in a food court.
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    I found out this past year that although I have a strong peanut allergy, the enzyme is cooked out in peanut oil and I have been in love with it ever sense.
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    McDonalds Fries Stand
    Lifted straight from Disneyland's secret warehouse of retired stuff. Those fries were the best that McDonald's ever created.
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    Kogi BBQ Food Truck
    One of the OG gourmet food trucks (at least on the west coast). Korean BBQ done Mexican food style. The truck will just be parked in the middle of the court.
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    Cookie DŌ
    New York's hottest cl-- err sweet spot. Raw Cookie Dough is my kryptonite and now there's a safer way to eat it people have capitalized on it and I'm not mad. Also, this one will be big enough to not have a 3hr+ line.
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    Amato's Sandwich Shop
    I really want it for those delicious chocolate whoopie Poe's, but I would be discrediting them for not mentioning how delicious and fresh their sandwiches are.
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    Marimoto Asia Street Food
    But this location will have a to-go Orange Chicken. Which I know is such a BASIC item, but it's stilllllll so good.
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    Generic Mexican Food Truck
    I can't deny that I love good classic cilantro and onion mexican tacos and rice. I was practically raised on it.