😎 Snapchat Filters If I Ran Snapchat 🤠

This was inspired by someone but I couldn't remember who..
  1. Demogorgon Face
    You gotta have a scary one, at least make it relevant.
  2. Face mask of yourself that comes off when you open your mouth.
    Too hard to describe, see gif as example.
  3. Invisible / Camouflage
    Uses a reference of the background behind you to make you seem semi transparent or camouflaged.
  4. Purge Masks
    For the upcoming election
  5. Casey Neistat sunglasses
    YouTube star, but relevant enough to be worthy of a Snapchat filter. Also, the glasses are cool even if you don't know him.
  6. Heath Ledger's Joker
    I would require that this would be permanent.
  7. Groucho Marx
    Not sure why, I just think it would be hilarious.
  8. CSI: Miami Sunglasses
    Complete with scream from The Who