Things Californians Do Different Than The Rest of the States.

I know there has been lists like this before, but now that I live out of the state, I can share some of my learnings.
  1. Roast Marshmallows on an unraveled metal coat hanger
    If we don't want to buy skewers. Using a stick from a tree blows my mind.
  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors. (No 'Shoot ')
    This seems to be more of a west coast thing, but still counts. You reveal your choice on 'scissors'.
  3. Call everything a freeway and put the word "the" before the number.
    "The 405" or "The 5 freeway"
  4. Describe Distance in Time
    Doesn't matter how many miles it is. What's important is how long will it take me to get there.
  5. We DO NOT call it Cali.
    Anyone that does probably wasn't born in the state.
  6. We call them Parking Structures
    I have heard a lot of other terms for them, the one I hear the most from out of towners is 'parking garage'.