I keep bouncing between a couple lists and can't decide which one I should finish first. So I am crowdsourcing your opinions to see what you would like to read.
  1. Snapchat Filters I would have if I ran Snapchat
    I feel like they should hire me.
  2. Life as A Scare Actor for a major Theme Park.
    This one will have to wait since. I haven't started yet, but I'll make it priority if it's requested a lot.
  3. Old Photos of People that look like they were taken today
    Title still in works. Saw a mini-list that was just a picture of Phil Collins, and I had seen others do I wanted to expand upon it.
  4. What I would include in my Monthly Subscription Box
    This one is easy but difficult, I feel like I have expensive tastes when it comes to others.