I'm interviewing to work at ListApp and I thought it appropriate to list why I'm the perfect hire.
  1. Because building a great startup is like the ultimate Quest. The quest to understand what motivates our users, the quest for the right technologies to service our users, etc... I approach these quests the same as any scientific problem--I deliberate, I measure, I learn.
  2. I know all about lists. I've been creating lists since 1986. My first list was of my favorite things in the whole world. "My Family" was tops of the list. How cute is that?
  3. I'm a straight shooter and thoughtful guy. You'll always get clear and direct answers from me. If I don't know something, I'll find the smartest people that do.
  4. The value of all great social media apps is from the data derived from the content created. My most unique skill set is my breadth of experience with data-rich problems. Lists tell us about what matters, what we love, what we hate, where we should go, what we should do. Lists are data sets with purpose.
  5. Because my goal is always to make sure that I serve not just myself, but the team around me.
  6. Anyone who works at ListApp should be able to list why they're awesome.