On a whim today I purchased a beautiful blue and purple unicorn piñata, complete with festive piñata stick. What are the best possible combinations of stuffers for it?
  1. Bees
    The first suggestion, from a very friendly bartender. Bees have enough problems.
  2. Peeps
    My mother's first suggestion, along with gummy worms. I think she's more interested in the spectacle.
  3. Glow sticks and condoms
    This was done once at a New Year's party and was great fun but outside of NYE I think would only work in a race environment.
  4. Sour Skittles and Swedish Fish
    Delicious and colorful options, but if we go the candy route I think something individually wrapped would be a better bet
  5. Condoms, again
    Practice safe sex, y'all. Even at a piñata party.
  6. Baby Carrots
    Another suggestion from my mom. It would be like the house that gave away raisins during Halloween and no one likes those people. This is a piñata, not a While Foods pop-up.
  7. Super-bouncy bouncy balls
    Currently where I am leaning
  8. Mixed Marbles and firecrackers
    Because it's not a party until someone loses and eye. Another mom suggestion.
  9. Dildos
    All shapes and sizes. Not just for a bachelorette party!
  10. One of us is already filled with tacos